Advanced Projects

Are you looking for a way to more efficiently manage your projects?

If so, Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides all the capabilities you need in a single, consolidated ERP solution. Gain real-time visibility of your projects throughout their life cycles, including all operational and administrative aspects.

And best of all, Advanced Projects® delivers the following industry-specific capabilities:

Project Engineering Industries

Has evaluating the profitability of new projects while quickly and effectively delivering on your existing project portfolio become a project in itself?

We hear you. Staying ahead of your competition and providing a superior product, all while reducing supply chain costs and start up times, remains a huge challenge, particularly as your competition is doing the same. Poorly managed resources and budgets can turn what appeared to be profitable projects into a string of unfulfilled client expectations, cost overruns, and cancelled contracts.

Rather than just another project accounting system you need a fully integrated project management solution to start spending more time managing and less time administering your projects.

Extending the horizontal ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Advanced Projects® PME is a complete project ERP solution proven to improve performance in organizations like yours.

Advanced Projects® PME will help you with:

  • Consolidate all critical business processes into a single integrated application
  • Significantly reduce risk across your organization
  • Optimize manpower and equipment and increase utilization
  • Facilitate collaboration across organizations and with vendors and suppliers
  • Create consistency in your bidding and quoting processes
  • Accurately predict budget variance and financial performance of your complete project portfolio
  • More accurately manage costs and maintain a lean inventory
Professional Services Industries
Civil Engineering Services/Construction

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