Dynamics 365 Change Management

An organization’s ability to adapt and move forward in an increasingly technological world is critical to success. Ellipse Solutions’ Dynamics 365 Change Management establishes the framework needed to help businesses achieve the next level of their organizational goals.

For change management, Ellipse Solutions commits to provide the same focused approach and commitment used by our project managers before, during, and after an implementation of Dynamics 365 - the subject of the focus just shifts to the people instead of the system. An ERP/CRM solution is only as good as its user adoption after all.

The benefits of successful Dynamics 365 Change Management

Organizational change can be challenging - some businesses have been doing things a certain way for many years before a new solution is implemented. In order to effectively utilize that solution and reap the benefits, there must be buy-in throughout the entirety of the business. When Dynamics 365 Change Management is properly delivered and successfully received, the full benefits of the new solution is unleashed.

A faster, better ROI

When go-live comes and Users are ready and excited to get to work in the new system on day one, the investment is already starting to pay off.

Empowered Staff

Actively engaging and involving employees in the process drives user adoption and enables them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Mitigated risk

Proper Dynamics 365 change management practices drastically lower the risk of unsuccessful software implementations.

Lasting success

Embracing change management methodologies in earnest will have a positive impact on your team’s ability to handle changes moving forward.

Ellipse Solutions' Dynamics 365 Change Management step-by-step approach:

1. Define

In tandem with the scope and goals of the project, Ellipse Solutions will work with your team to determine who in your organization will be driving change and assist in defining each person’s active role in mitigating the risks involved.

2. Train

Building on the plans laid out in the first step and continuing to run parallel to the technical side of the project/implementation, the internal influencers (change team) will be both key participants and key administrators of training.

3. Refine

As the ROI becomes clearer, it is important to continue fine tuning and carrying your change management practices forward as your business continues to grow and evolve.

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