Dynamics AX Infrastructure Health Check

You’ve implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, so you’re ahead of the game. But, the unfortunate reality is, your system may still not be reaching its full potential.

Not utilizing best practices in the areas of AX configuration, server, and data management can often leave a business in a position of knowing something is wrong, but not knowing how to fix it.

A Dynamics AX Infrastructure Health Check by Ellipse Solutions will give an assessment of your implementation to identify the areas in which performance can be restored/enhanced through Microsoft’s best practices.

Dynamics AX Infrastructure Health Check Overview

During the health check, the Ellipse Solutions team will provide recommendations on:

  • SQL Server infrastructure
  • Windows Server configuration
  • SQL Server instance and database settings
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX specific database settings
  • Physical storage configuration

We will identify areas you fall short of best practices, and you can decide if you want to use our Help Desk service to keep your infrastructure and Dynamics AX continuously healthy.

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX at anything less than 100% is not getting your full investment.

This offer is open to Dynamics AX 4, AX 2009 and AX 2012 customer installations.

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