Dynamics 365 Update Autopilot

Do you have the IT resources in place to update Dynamics 365 every month? Begin automating your Dynamics 365 Updates!

As an “Evergreen" business solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides continuous updates on a monthly basis. This a game changer, as it ensures your team has the absolute latest and greatest tools at their disposal. What’s the benefit of this? You continue to live on the most recent version of your ERP, and your competition is on a version that is gradually becoming dated in a rapidly changing technological environment.

While the update process for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become simplified in comparison to costly and time consuming upgrades, it does require a deepened level of commitment in order to stay current. It is your team’s responsibility to put the time and effort into complying with the one version mantra.

Do you have the IT resources in place to update Dynamics 365 every month? Would you rather they spend time focusing on other matters? Streamline your Dynamics 365 updates with Dynamics 365 Update Autopilot from Ellipse Solutions.

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Service Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update Autopilot from Ellipse Solutions is a fully managed update service for Dynamics 365. With a fixed pricing model, your organization receives a predictable service that removes the burden of continuously updating your system on a monthly basis.

Dynamics 365 Update Autopilot includes:

  • Licenses Upgrade
  • Data Upgrade
  • Code Upgrade
  • New Feature Introduction
  • Regression Testing
  • Documentation

Getting Started

Dynamics 365 Update Autopilot can be broken out into 3 stages. Each of these stages are listed below, along with the frequency of each stage and descriptions of what is included.

Service Onboard
(1 time)

  • Coordinate update schedule with Microsoft
  • BPM creation/refinement
  • Review task recordings
  • Create Regression Testing suite
  • Create Performance testing library
  • Initial execution and optimization of test scripts
  • Configure environments for updates.

Update Notice

  • “What’s New” & Upcoming Release notes sent directly to your inbox before public release
  • Delay or proceed with update

Update Execution

  • Code upgrade
  • Data upgrade
  • Regression testing
  • Performance testing

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