Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Why Upgrade to Dynamics 365?

Your business is ready for growth, but are your business applications? When you Upgrade to Dynamics 365, you receive a scalable solution built for a modern, digitally aware business that knows and understands the role technology plays in today’s economy.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your organization is enabled with the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer in the cloud enterprise space.

Leverage New Functionality

Take your solution to the next level! Dynamics 365 offers a plethora of new, user-friendly functionality that can often times replace current ISV solutions or customizations.

Lower Costs of Ownership

Eliminate costs inherent in data center infrastructure, both hardware and licensing, and the support needed for an on-site application


An HTML5, browser-based user interface makes it possible to run on any device, on any platform, from anywhere

Investing in Your Future

With the power of the cloud, future upgrades in Dynamics 365 become a seamless and easy task - keeping your organization up to date with the latest features.

Seamless Integrations

Microsoft integrates desktop applications and operations seamlessly, including Office 365, Power BI, IoT, Flow, Outlook and more for a complete user experience


A cloud-based deployment of Dynamics 365 offers 24/7/365 high availability, guaranteed by Microsoft Azure’s SLA with constant incremental back-ups

An "Evergreen" Business Software - One Version for All Customers

A critical point of pain in purchasing an ERP or CRM is keeping your software relevant in a rapidly changing environment. In order to do this, many users are faced with additional large investments in upgrading their systems - sometimes only a year or two after implementing!

With the new "extensions" model, Microsoft has been designed in such a manner that it eliminates costly and time consuming upgrades. Some of the benefits of this new model include:

  • Continuous updates: No more expensive upgrades!
  • Improved supportability and serviceability
  • Improved productivity without impeding upgrade capabilities
  • Reduced implementation costs for no-code personalization and customizations
  • Faster implementations and improved quality

"One of the main advantages of going to D365 is no more implementations. They're expensive, they're time consuming - this is the last time we ever have to touch an ERP system. We're customers for life."

Considerations when planning an Upgrade to Dynamics 365

The options for current Dynamics customers are dependent on a variety of factors. The status of your current solution and the goals you set for your Dynamics 365 solution will help you determine your upgrade plan.

Code upgrades, licensing considerations, and data migrations should all be a part of your analytical process. It’s important to work with a Partner who understands how all of these issues interact and align to become part of your upgrade plan.

When evaluating your upgrade to Dynamics 365, consider these areas:

Dynamics 365 Upgrade Strategy
Customizations Dynamics 365 Upgrade
Dynamics 365 Upgrade Custom Code Quality
Dynamics 365 Upgrade Data
Upgrade Documentation Dynamics 365
Upgrade to Dynamics 365 New Features
ISV Upgrade to Dynamics 365
Upgrade Integrations Dynamics 365
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